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Iran is one of exceptional countries, which has been equipped by the technology of Briquette Charcoal manufacturing.The first Iranian manufacturing company of Briquette Charcoal established in Kashan in 1997. Ministry of Industries recognized the necessity of producing Briquette Charcoal in that time and supported the implementation of ZG establishment project.Although, there has been another small industrial unit to manufacture the Briquette Charcoal in the previous years, Zoghal Ghaleb Co., as the first manufacturer, is still the only Company, which was awarded the Utilization License.Since the other producers are not aware of the herbal special formula, so they had to apply some chemical additives, which produce hazardous gases

By the sincere efforts of its personnel, ZG CO. is succeeded in inventing the technology of Briquette Charcoal with the 100% herbal formula for the first time in Iran.Manufacturing the Briquette Charcoal in ZG company leads Iran to enter the global marketing as the ninth country of Briquette Charcoal manufacturer in the world as well as the first and only manufacture of 100% herbal Briquette Charcoal

There exist an intensive competition between the big manufacturing companies of Briquette Charcoal (such as Japan, Netherlands, USA, China ,….) to gain the market of  Hookah charcoal , but Arabian countries prefer to use the ZG Briquette Charcoal  due to applying the herbal glues rather chemical glues in it which is widely used in the other kind of charcoals

So far, ZG has exported its products to the countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain , Iraq , Oman  Saudi Arabia , Lebanon , Brazil , Germany , England


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