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round briquette charcoal 32 pieces

1397/08/03 380


Code no. 3002 / Hookah Briquette Charcoal

Description: 32 pieces of Round Briquette Charcoal for hookah

Usage: Shisha smoking, incense burner or Bukhoor


Size of each tablet: 37*12 Mm. Dia

Weight of each table: 10 Gr


Packing: 32 pieces per Box/24 Boxes per Carton


Dimension of each Box: L16*W8*H5.5 Cm

Dimension of each Carton: L35*W33*H18.5 Cm

Weight of each Box: 320 Gr

Weight of each Carton: 8.540 Kg


Qty per 20Ft. Fcl: 1420 Cartons

Qty per 40Ft. Fcl: 2400 Cartons


Technical specification

Raw material: kinds of different fruit trees & herbal adhesive       

Moisture: 9.2%    

Volatile matter: 13.2%

Calorific Value: 6.580 Btu

Fixed Carbon: 64.3%

Total Sulphur: 0.04 

          Burning time: 1 hour

Ash: 10.55%


Low odour, low smoke, without sparkle

100%Natural, without chemical additive





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