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Grilling+Kabab+ outdoor

Portable Grill /Code 4015

1397/08/05 305 admin


Code no. 4015/ Portable grill


Description: Hamsafar potable grill

Description: Hamsafar potable grill 

Usage: grilling, Kebab


Packing: 4 pieces per carton

Size of each piece: L35.W5*15.5*H2.5

Weight of each Peirce: 400 Gr


Dimension of each Carton: L35.5*W15.5*H10 Cm

Weight of each Carton: 1640 Gr


Portable grill is a kind of small BBQ with low weight and volume, changeable shape and easy to be carried for picnic and trips


Grilling+Kabab+ outdoor 


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