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Starter+firelighter+gel alcohol

fire starter

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Fire starter Gel for Charcoal

Firelighter Gel is a kind of fuel could be used for warming or ignition of charcoal and wood in picnic, BBQ, chimney and fire place. It could also be used separately on ground or every other place to make fire

This product is a safe and clean substitute for alcohol and petrol to ignite the woods and charcoal


Easily portable

Clean fuel

Adaptable by different environmental conditions

Smokeless, odorless and less hazardous while use and shipment comparing other fuels

3 times more life time comparing Alcohol



Description: fire lighter gel

Usage: charcoal starter

Packing: bottles of 300, 400 Cc and 1000 Cc and barrel of 2Lit, 3 Lit, 5 Lit and 20 Lit


Starter+firelighter+gel alcohol  Starter+firelighter+gel alcohol   Starter+firelighter+gel alcohol





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