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about briquette charcoal

About Briquette Charcoal

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Why Briquette Charcoal?


"Trees are not created to be cut and burnt", since man needed the energy, so it passed thousands of years to find how to make a fire and not to burn the trees.

A few decades ago, man found out the impact of the hazardous decrease of the trees on life. Thus, he began to apply some better methods of getting energy in order to lessen the damage of woods. Finally, the idea of invention the Briquette Charcoal flashed into his mind.


From the very beginning of invention of Briquette charcoal, factories in some developed & industrial countries have replaced the natural charcoal with the Briquette one. So the Natural Charcoal may be rarely found in these countries, instead the shelves of the supermarkets are full of the Briquette Charcoal packages.

Unfortunately, there are still some of the countries (especially the Asian and African ones) which ruin the woods by manufacturing of Natural charcoal like the termites.  Climate changes, soil erosion, damaging floods are among the disastrous effects of this natural phenomenon.

Now a question may be raised that if the Briquette Charcoal has the same properties as Natural Charcoal, why do not we substitute it with natural one? This is a good question.

Manufacturing the Briquette Charcoal doesnot need the trees to be cut and burnt at all. Instead, the trashes of wood in carpentries and industrial factories, which used to be throwing away, are the raw materials of Briquette Charcoal through optimized production process.

Statistics show the process of using Briquette Charcoal is rapidly increasing in the world and in near future it will be a reliable substitution for natural charcoal.


Manufacturing table of Briquette Charcoal:

Above- mentioned process would be carried out to manufacture Briquette Charcoal, which has following advantages:

Increase of charcoal life up to four times more.

Increase of the heat of charcoal up to three times more.

Making one-third less CO while ignition comparing the Natural one.

Less smell and smoke of Briquette Charcoal comparing the natural one.

Easily transported into stores and home due to its low volume.

 Its own special packing prevents the dust to be scattered in the environment

Quick ignition, which save burning material such as oil, alcohol.


Production process of Briquette Charcoal:

Collecting the trashes of wood , in  carpentries and ship manufacturing companies

Examining trashes

Filtering  trashes

Washing the isolated wood

Burning the wood into the charcoal

Crushing and powdering

Remove CO  from powder

Drying the powder

Making the proper herbal formula in accordance with the wood powder

Adding the herbal formula with the powder


Curing in furnace


Quality control and get permission  for distributing in market



All of the above mentioned process leads the less trees cutting


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